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Bus is a mode of transport and a very common occurrence in the dreams of people. If you see it in your dreams, it is likely that you are experiencing a long journey in your life along with others. However, some people see this mode of transport when they are actually undertaking or about to undertake real journey from one place to another.


Bear is a large animal known for its brute force and perseverance.Seeing it in your dreams signifies that you are a leader and can tackle hard situations in life using your strength and patience.


Bee is a wonderful small insect that is known for diligence, creativity, and strong network. They are also perceived as a threat because of their deadly sting.


Barbeque is the kind of food that can bring water to the mouths of most people as it involves grilling food items over fire directly.Barbeque items are yummy in taste and so popular that people even dream about barbeque foods.


Bike is a wonderful contraption that takes us to different places.If you see yourself riding a bike in your dreams, it signifies the need for attaining balance in your life.


Barbie is the most famous doll around the world. It is used and seen so commonly across various cultures that it has become a dream symbol on its own.


We may have bubbles in dreams to express the desire of having fun just like a child does. Unstable character of joy and desire of illusion is something that we generally become conscious of.


Dreaming of celebrating someone else’s birthday states that you will be helped by someone close to you and it is necessary for you to thank that person. Any celebration or anniversary in a dream indicates a happy get together of the family.


Butterfly symbolizes happiness. Dreaming of a butterfly indicates that you need to go back to easier things in life, or makes you remember about your playful spirit.


Dreaming of a beach along with a mountain range and a dense forest suggests that you’re searching for something that can be attained. However, it may also show of witnessing difficulties.


Dreaming of a single banana indicates sexual desires because of the shape. If you have had a dream of a banana, it means that you’re thinking about sex and dreaming of a banana if you’re a woman indicates your actual nature towards others around you.


Dreaming of keeping something at bay indicates a requirement to be on the guard – to a certain level we’re feeling threatened. In a traditional way, to know the bay or inlet indicates the consciousness of a woman’s sexuality as well as receptiveness.


Dreaming of a ballerina lets the dreamer visualize graceful and an environment that is not effortful. This will lead to the feeling of being strong enough to handle everything that comes in the way of the dreamer.


Dreaming of a beaver suggests your desire and requirement for work. It may also indicate a new beginning to life. It suggests the urge to be creative, industrious and also the requirement to create your special place in life.


Dreaming of a bull indicates that there’s a competitive feeling that exists in you about something. Such a dream indicates a feeling of aggressive emotions that may come out any time.


Dreaming of baby is an optimistic symbol, representing new excitements in life. Dreaming of a baby who has a beautiful smile indicates that you are truly loved by someone.


Bread is a sign of pure life, abundance and wealth. The best dream of bread is when you are having it. The more bread, the luckier you will get. If you see moldy bread in your dream, it is an indication that a disease is about to strike you.


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