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Ant is a very common insect found in all parts of the world. It is regarded as a hard working and diligent creature. If you see ants in your dreams, it means that you are hard working and diligent.


At a very ordinary and common level, seeing apples in your dreams is a signal that you are happy and content in your life and living a life that is full of love and fruitfulness. Apples in dreams also indicate a particular month of the year.


Appearance of animals in a dream represents aspects of personality that can’t be understood properly except for an instinctive level. Following are some of the common images occurring in dreams.


The first question that we generally ask after waking up is: Was I just dreaming? Was I attacked by aliens? To deal with this. Dreaming is related to what you feel about the others that surround you.


Dreams of apricot are usually negative in character. Dreaming that either you or the other people are having apricots is certainly a warning of reaching bad omen as well as misfortune.


Accordion dreams suggest that you are sure to have sudden progress in your life. An instrument of music is related to a tribute to someone who exists in your waking life.


We eagerly comprehend this dream. Acrobat dream is not, generally, a common one. There are some people who are least bothered and neglect this sort of a dream; however, it is not wise to do so.


Dreaming of an apocalypse (which means the world’s end) indicates a drastic change that you would experience in yourself. It may also mean a lifestyle’s end along with the start of another one.


Interpreters of dreams during the ancient times believed that airport dreams indicated that the life will have advantages from several new relationships, travel, and phase of life or even different ranges of backgrounds.


Such a dream indicates consciousness of something that’s getting to an end. We are able to know the good situation that can be grabbed up in the future.


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