The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Love»

Meaning of Dream «Love»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Love is a pure and natural feeling that is much more than admiration and short of fixation about another person. It is a feeling hard to define in words but people see it in their dreams. Love in dream reflects your happiness and contentment form real life. Our heart is brimming with this happiness and you are unable to contain it. This is why it spills over in your dreams. A dream about love is an indication that you care a lot about your partner and your relationship is not all sex.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Love in your dreams indicates your happiness in waking state. It is a good omen for you as it shows that you are a caring individual with lots of love for your partner. You are unable to contain this much of love in your heart and it finds an expression in the form of a dream. Your dream signifies a strong emotional bond that you have towards your family, especially your spouse. It also means that you are having a good time in real life with your loved one.

Making love to an individual in a dream expresses your desire to actually do the same in real life. You want to make the relationship even stronger than it is. Do not be ashamed about making love to someone you know in your dreams as it is not just an expression of your sexual desire but also that of your deep and passionate love for the individual. You should not think bad about such a dream but rather take a positive step and show the intent to marry the girl and settle down with her.

There is another love dream that is not such a good omen for you. It involves you and another person but you see yourself as struck by Cupid in this dream. This dream is indicative of the fact that you are looking for true love in real life and have not been able to find the right girl for yourself.

Original Meaning

Love is a wonderful emotion that is experienced by lucky individuals only. If you see yourself in love in your dreams, it indicates that you are happy and content in real life. However, being in love could also mean that you have still not found love in real life and it is your desire that has found an expression in the dream.

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