The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Lion»

Meaning of Dream «Lion»

Dream Interpretation:

Chinese interpretation

If you hear the roar of a lion in your dream, your popularity will spread far and wide.

Emotional/psychological perspective

In terms of psychology, lion represents all of those qualities that are shown by him: strength, courage, pride, majesty, etc.

Necessity of such qualities is easily recognized in our lives when something else has been symbolized.

Material Aspects

Strength as well as cruelty is signified by lion in the dream.

It also represents Leo, the astrological sign and gives an example of leadership qualities portrayed in that sign. You might like to have a consultation about entry for animals.

Indian interpretation

Respect, elevation and greatness are indicated by such a dream. Important place among the men would be help by you. You will turn into an extremely happy and powerful man.

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a lion represents that you are being driven by a huge force.

If you overcome the lion in the dream, you will always achieve victory in all that you do.

If the lion overpowers you, then you will suffer from enemy attacks.

Caged lion dreams represent that the success of your life depends on the ability that you possess to cope up with the opposition.

Lion being controlled by a man inside the cage dream represents immense business success and amazing mental power. You will be regarded by women, favorably.

New enterprises, which will easily attain success if attended properly, is represented by dreams of young lions.

If a young woman dreams about young lions, it represents fascinating and new lovers.

If a woman sees herself as the Daniel in the den of the lions, it represents that due to her intelligence and qualifications as well as personal magnetism, she will surely win fortune as well as lovers as per her greatest desire.

Hearing the roar of a lion in the dream represents unpredicted development and promotion in relationship with women.

If you see the lion’s head over you wherein he is showing his teeth by his snarls, you possess a fear of being defeated as your progress in power.

Seeing lion’s skin represents an increase in happiness as well as fortune.

If you ride the lion, it represents constancy and strength is fighting with difficulties.

If you are using a pen-knife to defend your children from the lion in your dream, it represents that your enemies will threaten and warn you to rule you, and will achieve success only if you give them the permission to rule you for the moment from business obligations and responsibility.

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