The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Light»

Meaning of Dream «Light»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Dreaming of a light generally means illumination.

For example, ‘light right at the end of a huge tunnel’ indicates of an end to a difficult project. ‘He saw light; indicates the understanding of the actions’ results.

It is to do with confidence, generally.

Dreaming of feeling lighter states the feeling of being better.

Also see the entry for the lamp.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Dreaming of light generally means a process of trying to improvise ourselves.

Bright light symbolizes the intuition’s development.

There are several techniques to use the candle flames as well as the other resources of light that can be put to use in waking state to improve the faculty.

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of bright light indicates that the problem will be solved by learning to see it in a different way.

It is an omen of trusting your instincts.

Dreaming of turning the lights on suggests a reward for the kindness done in past.

Dreaming of turned out lights indicates that you’ll enjoy a holiday or a period of rest.

Dreaming of red lamps generally is a sign of danger because of the uncontrolled temper.

Dreaming of flickering or bright flashing lights indicates that you are being prevented from something to solve the current family problem or relationship – it may be your emotions or the preconceptions that get in the way.

Be cool and look at the present situation in “the clearer light”.

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