The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Lemon»

Meaning of Dream «Lemon»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Lemon dreams indicate good actions in the near future. Dreaming of rotten lemon means that you have just missed out an excellent opportunity that could have changed your life. Dreaming of a lemon that is not good enough to be eaten indicates that there’s a project going on that has not begun yet. Dreaming of lemon states that you will achieve success in life. Usually, dreaming of lemons is a good omen of money. Dreaming of a lemon tree indicates successful business deals whereas a falling lemon is a clear sign of discomfort and discontentment.

Disappointments are portrayed by lemons along with bitterness of life. Dreaming of lemons means that you need to grow up as you are acting immaturely, at present. Dreaming of lemons may indicate long life and an excellent fortune in future. If a pregnant woman dreams of lemons, it indicates a baby boy in her womb. Lemons indicate luck and good enterprise. It indicates that you are going to have a kid in the coming time. Dreaming of lemons means a rich fortune is right ahead.

Lemons have an intuition about pleasures along with problems but also immense fame. Dreaming of sour lemons means sickness. Picking up lemons indicates a good fortune. Dreaming of bitter lemons means disagreement with people. Dreaming of lemons indicates joy and contentment. Dreaming of tossing lemons means money. Dreaming of weighing the lemons indicates a job change. Dreaming of fallen lemons indicates discontentment. Dreaming of lemons falling from the tree indicates unhappiness and tiredness. Dreaming of a tree with lemon means monetary increment. Dreaming of picking lemon indicates pleasures. Dreaming of buying lemons indicates that you are soon going to be betrayed. Dreaming of winter lemons indicates success. Summer lemons indicate a lot of stuff flowing into your house in a positive manner. Dreaming of a tree with lemons indicates excellent business.

Dreaming of a lemon ice cream indicates a debt that has not been paid, yet. Dreaming of rotten lemons depict sadness or late satisfactions along with certain disagreements and misunderstandings. Dreaming of eating lemons indicates a healthy and good life. Dreaming of bitten lemons indicates late realizations and if you bite the lemon in your dream, it indicates that you are soon going to be a diplomat in a situation. Dreaming of harvesting the lemons indicates that you are good in your life. Dreaming of green lemons indicates pleasures as well as a good health. Dreaming of lemon pulp states that your achievements are currently being delayed by various problems.

Dreaming of beautiful lemons or limes indicates good luck, along with longevity. Dreaming of eating rotten and extremely sour lemons indicates that your plans for the future will not fall into places and you are going to be demotivated. Dreaming of a bowl with different kinds of lemons indicates a happy married life and prosperity in various things in your real life. Dreaming of several lemons is an indication of money and richness. Higher the number of lemons in your dream, the richer you get.

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