The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Lasagne»

Meaning of Dream «Lasagne»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Lasagna is a food item that is made using pasta. It is an Italian dish popular all over the world. If you love lasagna and also see it in your dreams, it is reflective of your huge appetite. It also means that you are hungry and satiate yourself with these delightful pasta food items in your dreams. You have more desires than others when you see yourself eating lasagne in your dreams.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Lasagna is a food item that is made in layers made of pasta. These layers are separated by fillings and various sauces. If you see lasagna in your dreams, it means that your emotions are expressed in these layers. Lasagna in dreams also signifies comfort and warmth. Seeing lasagna means you are emotionally attached to something that you think you deserve. Lasagna in dreams is indicative of the fact that the individual is hungry but emotionally it means that he has lots of desires and is looking for their fulfillment.

Lasagna being a food item composed of layers, it expresses the fact that the dreamer needs more self discipline than he has at present. Seeing steamy lasagna means you are desirous of nourishment for your body as well as soul. You can consider yourself lucky when you see lasagna in your dreams as it prepares you for layers of pleasures and enjoyment in near future. Seeing yourself eating hot and steamy lasagna might serve as a reminder to you to enjoy the present rather than rushing into things. You can think of yourself as an individual looking for fulfillment in life when you order lasagna in a restaurant in your dream.

Original Meaning

Lasagna is a food item that is yummy in taste and loved by most people around the world. Seeing it in dreams may just be an expression of one’s love for this food item made from pasta. It is a good omen for you if you see lasagna in your dreams as it expresses enjoyment and pleasures in life. Seeing yourself gobbling down a steamy lasagna is indicative of the fact that that you should not rush into things in life and rather enjoy the moment as it is. If you see yourself sitting in eating joint and ordering big lasagna, it means that you believe in fulfillment of your desires. It also means that your goal in life is to get the pleasures of life.

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