The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Joy»

Meaning of Dream «Joy»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

There are many emotions that people see in their dreams and joy is one of them. Feeling joyous is a pure emotion and this emotion in your dreams is symbolic of the fact that you are actually happy in real life. It is a reflection upon how you are progressing in your life and what you feel about it. Relations are most important in the lives of all of us and if you are joyous in your dreams, it means that you have harmony in your relationships with those who matter the most in your life.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Dreams are often the mirror of real life events. To be happy in a dream is reflective of the same state in waking life. You are happy in your dream because of certain event in your life, your achievement, or because of harmony in your social life. Whatever the reason, the very fact that you are joyous in your dream means that you have a valid reason for this emotion in real life. Having a dream in which you are feeling happy is one of the most desired types of dream. However, there are some of these dreams that have a darker meaning. If the joy in your dream is not pure but some sort of vindictive joy, your dream could have negative meaning. If you have behaved in a bad manner towards someone and now feeling guilty about it, your joyous dream is an indication that you will soon be held accountable for your behavior and pay the price for it. Good news is that you can take this dream as a reminder and search for your bad behavior in the last few days or months.

If you wake up from your dream in which you were full of joy but cannot fathom the reason for it, you can safely assume it to be a reflection of some event in your real life, either personal or professional.

Original Meaning

Emotions in dreams are not symbols that stand for something else in life. If you are happy in your dream, it is because of some event or happening in your personal or professional life. You are living a life of harmony with your friends and family. Your joy in a dream is a reflection of your state of mind in waking condition. You can stay relaxed when you see a dream in which you are full of joy.

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