The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Jewelry»

Meaning of Dream «Jewelry»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Jewelry is worn for its high price, aesthetic value, and status. If you see jewelry in your dreams, it is indicative of your own self image and worth. It reflects your taste and the things you hold in high esteem in life. Seeing it expresses your knowledge of important things in your life. You are likely to make significant advances in your professional life as well as personal life if you see various jewelry items in your dreams.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

There can be no denying the fact that jewelry is a status symbol in real life. If you see jewelry items in your dreams, it means you place value on relationships and other commitments you make in life to others. It is also indicative of value you place upon your own qualities and knowledge you possess. Emotionally, jewelry in dreams indicates your own feelings about self and status. If you see jewels in dreams, it is an expression of things in life that you cherish or hold in high esteem. Seeing jewelry also means that you have an abundance of psychological and spiritual riches.

If you see yourself receiving jewelry items as gifts, it means that you have a need to incorporate the value represented by these items in yourself in real life. Seeing jewelry in dreams means that one believes in decorating and then presenting himself to the world. He is not sincere and indulges in exaggeration as he strives for love and affection as well as recognition from others.

According to some dream analysts, individuals who see jewelry in their dreams seek protection for themselves in the form of riches. The material of jewelry and the kind of items you see in your dreams decide the feelings of self worth that you have.

Original Meaning

Jewelry items are expensive and represent status of the individual. To see such items in your dreams is an expression of one’s own self worth. These dreams also reflect the manner in which an individual wishes to portray himself to others in real life. If you see yourself sitting inside the shop of a jeweler, it represents happiness, joy, and celebrations in your life. Jewelry in dreams reflects the value you place upon your relationships in life. The kind of jewelry you see in dreams decides the value you place upon your own qualities and attributes. Dreaming about jewelry is also reflective of immense pleasures in life.

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