The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Ice»

Meaning of Dream «Ice»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of walking on frozen lake and breaking of the ice and falling inside the chilling water is a warning for tour psyche. It indicates the inflexibility that’s present in life and the danger that an attitude can cause to you. It also indicates that you are not aware of whatever happens around you and you’re isolating yourself from others.

Dreaming of having a fear of freezing means that you are in circumstances wherein you feel that your close relationships may freeze or even be brought to an end, but also that you may have a hidden fear for life of failure, especially in relation to finances and the love affairs. Such a dream may also refer to a cold attitude in a relationship with others, the tendency to keep yourself isolated and not be expressive in terms of warmth and love to others. You should have a change in yourself quickly if you do not wish to end up being lonely.

Dreaming of slipping on ice or sitting on ice suggests that you may have a pleasant life, and will take interesting trips. Dreaming of ice may be a bad dream talking about obedience as well as troubles. Dreaming of having ice talks of difficult times. Carrying ice dream suggests restlessness. Dreaming of falling and sliding on ice indicates cheating in love.

Dreaming of ice and snow suggests that all types of difficulties are going to come in your life. Dreaming of a road dipped in ice is the sign of impatience. Dreaming of being in middle of the ice suggests that various dangers are going to come ahead. Dreaming of a large surface of ice indicates loss in business, reduced vitality, illness but it may also be a sign of difficulties.

Dreaming of breaking the ice suggests that you are experiencing fear at present. Dreaming of ice melting suggests that there’s something that you don’t pay attention to and that is gradually going out of control. Such a dream is a sign of temporary difficulties and dangers. Dreaming of eating ice indicates that you may get cheated by a woman in future. Hailing in the dream indicates unhappiness.

Dreaming of dirty ice indicates emotional confusion, anxiety, stress, being afraid of failure or rejection, confusion and even being misled. Clean ice indicates economy, strength, stagnation, rigidity, waiting and passivity. Dreaming of walking on ice being sure about yourself indicates your trust in your loved ones. Dreaming of walking on the ice being unsure about yourself indicates caution when it comes to others, doubt, afraid of being wrong and distrust in others.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Dreaming of ice represents rigidity of the brittleness that generally comes from not being able to understand what’s going on right around us, creating different situations where people can’t get – or be – right in touch with us. Depending on the appearance of ice in the dream, it suggests the state of impermanence.

Dreaming of icicles suggests that various problems that have been right around us will disappear sooner. Whether it is other people’s fault or ours, the appearance of external forces would be so strong that we would be able to overcome the problems troubling us.

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