The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Hotels»

Meaning of Dream «Hotels»

Dream Interpretation:

Islamic interpretation of dreams

Dreaming of a hotel symbolizes one’s body, property, house, name, bathhouse, glory, court of justice or oven. All that happens to a person in the dream may take place in relation with any of the elements mentioned above and the relationship of those elements to his present condition.

Having a dream wherein one is in an unknown hotel, staying over-night, may indicate this world’s house from which travelling to reach the house of hereafter takes place.

Ordinary meaning

Profit and ease are denoted by dreams of living in a hotel.

If you visit a woman in a hotel in your dream, it indicates that you will have sensual pleasures.

Dreaming of seeing a beautiful and fine hotel represents travel as well as wealth.

You will soon possess an excellent fortune if you dream of yourself as the proprietor of a hotel.

If you dream of working in a hotel, you can have a new employment with better remuneration than the current one.

You will soon be frustrated with your search for joy as well as money if you dream of hunting a hotel.

Seeing a hotel in dreams is indicative of lots of travel in real life. If you see yourself staying in a luxurious hotel in dreams, it indicates the fact that you are a very wealthy man. Poor quality hotel indicates dissatisfaction with life.

Material Aspects

A hotel is a home away from home, a place where you get shelter and comfort when there is no one in the form of a friend or a relative. It is very common place of accommodation in every country and culture. We see hotels in all cities and areas when we are out of our homes. This is the reason why many people see hotels in their dreams. Seeing hotels in a dream indicates travel for the dreamer. Alternatively, staying in hotels in dreams suggests that the dreamer is looking at his home in the afterworld, a world where he goes after death. If you find yourself staying in a hotel in dreams, it indicates profits in your business and comfort in real life. If the hotel in the dream is luxurious, it means that you will be relatively wealthy.

Psychological/emotional perspective

A hotel is a very popular place of accommodation for the travelers and vacationers. You need a hotel for accommodation even when you go to another city on a business trip. Thus hotel has become a very common dream symbol. Seeing it in your dream means you will be travelling a lot in near future. If you are working in the hotel that you see in the dream, it indicates that you can expect a better employment for yourself than what you are having right now. Seeing yourself as the owner of the hotel in dreams indicates that you will be the owner of all that is in your possession in real life. The quality of hotel in dreams says a lot about the dreamer. If the hotel in the dreams is expensive and grand, it means the dreamer is a very wealthy man. On the other hand, seeing an ordinary or even poor quality hotel in dreams indicates that your monetary condition in real life is not very satisfactory.

If you find yourself hunting in a place that looks like a hotel, it means that you are searching for happiness in your life. If the hotel in dream is for temporary accommodation only, you are not satisfied with the conditions you are living in.

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