The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Horse»

Meaning of Dream «Horse»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a horse being pulled (a single horse or a cart) or riding the house indicates that you are trying your best to have a stronger position in your life, and you have to agree with some situations and stay happy. Contentment is something that exists in your mind itself. Death is symbolized by a black horse, however, not in a negative manner. New beginnings and a fresh start are also indicated by a black horse in the dream.

If you ride the horse in your dream, it indicates your sexual intercourse. Falling off the horse or being thrown away from the horse indicates that you are afraid of losing something.

Dreaming of being injured by the horse states that a relationship is unable to work in your life. Dreaming of a racehorse states that you must take a risk in doing something new. You need to consider the person who helped you once so that your life and lifestyle can be progressed furthermore due to the new project. However, note that the horse represents freedom in all the situations you face in the dreaming state.

Dreaming of being kicked by the horse states the receiving of repulsion from someone you love. You will have an ill health. Dreaming of catching a horse in order to bridle, saddle or harness it, states that you’ll have a great improvement in all kinds of business, and you will prosper. However, if you are unable to catch the horse, you’ll have an ill fortune. Spotted horse dreams indicate various enterprises that will get you profits.

Dreaming of having a horse means success. If you are a woman and you dream of a horse, it means that you will have a faithful and good husband. Dreaming of shoeing a horse dictates that you’ll have an additional property. Dreaming of race horses represents your surfeit with fast living, but if you are a farmer, this dream means prosperity. Dreaming of riding a horse in a race means that you’ll enjoy a prosperous life. Dreaming of killing a horse represents that you’ll injure some of your friends due to your selfish attitude. Dreaming of mounting bareback to the horse indicates that you’ll gain money and be relieved from hard struggles. Riding the horse bareback along with other men indicates you’ll have truthful people to support you, and your success will be cherished; if you are in company with women, your desires will be free, and you will not prosper as much as you should if a woman does not occupy your heart.

Dreaming of carrying a horse indicates the interests of business that would not be denied for unnecessary pleasures. Dreaming of trimming a horse’s tail or mane represents that you’ll be a great farmer or financier. Literary people will be painstaking in their work, and others will look after their interest with solicitude. Dreaming of pulling the vehicles dictates money with some hardships, and love will have some issues. Dreaming of riding up the hill and if the horse falls but you are at the top, you’ll enjoy fortune, although struggle against jealousy and enemies will have to be done. If you and the horse both get to be on top, your rise will surely be substantial as well as phenomenal.

Dreaming of a horse by a young girl indicates that she needs a wise authority. Some of the wishes will be granted at unpredicted times. Black horses indicate that the anticipations will be postponed. Dreaming of a horse with a tender foot indicates some unpredictable unpleasantness that is bound to come in the happy state. Dreaming of trying to fit a broken shoe that is too small for the foot of the horse indicates that you will be getting involved into fraudulent deals with a few unsuspecting parties. Dreaming of riding the house downhill represent that there will be a disappointment caused to you by your affairs.

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