«Pisces» Horoscope for 2014



This year would have strength, cheer and goodness in store for you. You will be confronting lots of good luck and opportunities coming your way this year. You would be able to establish and plunge in to new ideas and business in unknown territories yet now un-invented. One would be having diverse thoughts that shall keep you engaged in various portfolios. You should let go your past as well as confront the current world with renewed vigor and confidence.

You would sense the push to keep yourself distant from crowd and world around you. You should make no settlements when it?s a matter of your private life. You should increase your voice in opposition to any kind of discrimination around you. It?s high time that one should bring out their creative side in open. One needs to bury all grudges and take out their interests and personal talent which is hidden since years. Fortune and luck will come from various places. You should not be indecisive to declare what is yours specifically during this year.


This year you should take stand to get the recognition which is overdue since long for your commitment and hard work. Authority and power shall come usually without many efforts to you in your career. You need to take time out to plunge in to novel ventures. An extra effort is needed to get the wind in your favor of higher ups in your office. Harmony and peace require to be bringing in by your enough will power. A great organizational scuttle is promised for you this year.


There would be novel experiments and new experiences that you will see in your love and relationships this year. Your love life will be fascinating and exciting like never before. You would be able to get some great opportunities with your spouse or partner and loved ones. An emotional shell would also seem to be appearing in the end of this year. You should not compel any serious conditions on your spouse if you are in a relationship already. Give them complete freedom.


There will be a monetary trouble in the year 2014. Your materialistic issue though, will be blessed twice. There wouldn?t be much money to enhance your monetary net worth this year. In case you?re interested in purchasing a home, landed property, and a luxury car then there would be some impediments initially. Good probability comes your way approximately the mid part of the year. Several incomes through property dealings are likely to come for now. Your imaginative pursuits would also bring a first-class amount of income. Double check your monetary plans before undertaking in to a new field.


This year a general optimistic period of physical condition awaits you. Be cautious with your mental and physical moves as you might face the indisposition phase. Take a break from your routine life and diet and try something new and adventurous. You should avoid sugary stuff and fried things. Exercising as well as a lot of liquid diet is recommended.


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