«Leo» Horoscope for 2014



The year 2014 would be extremely fruitful for you. You?d be able to convene much of your ideals and ambitions in life all thanks to your will-power and steep hard work. Essential alterations are likely in your life during the path of this year. One would be able to strengthen some of the plans that they have started quite a few years earlier. You?re in for making significant decisions in your life related to professional and personal life. You would have plenty of time in hand to take pleasure in life.

But make sure that you make yourself in deed while the time is right so that your long-term commitments are easily met. Obstacles of kinds come your way every now and then while you must to learn to conquer these hurdles by your willpower. Anyway give your paramount to the world outer there.

An appropriate time to demonstrate your skills set to those fretful. You would end-up being gainful as the year move towards to an end. Harvest your potency to observe the year from side to side in good feelings.


There would be key bangs on your career side life during the path of this year 2014. You need to put in lots of commitment and efforts to meet the set target by your colleagues at work place. You should be all ears on your standards whatever may happen. Glue to your principles and show then your efficiency in work at your office. If latest plans are to be executed then you shall features stiff competition and resistance. But it?s now or never. Therefore you need to bump into these conditions to climb up and succeed in the professional steps.


Your love-life this year would be jam-packed of troughs and crests in that there would be numerous ups and downs. One?s sensuous and emotions requirements would be at its high. You would find out that you?ve not given sufficient consideration to this part of your life and it is too late now. If you are single then this is the right time to settle down or tie a knot in a happy relationship. You have to be prepared to make definite sacrifices for the relationships to keep it going. Don?t be carried away by fake situations and promises. The 2nd half of this year shall assist you to merge your love-life.


The year 2014 shall observe you with packed hand in cash like never before. Most of the material purchases such as a sumptuous car are on the card. But ensure to separate between your needs and wants. Certain extra expenses can also be postponed and curbed for a later purchase or date for improved monetary constancy in life. Don?t pamper yourself plus those people around you with lots of money. Be alert of the penalty of extravagance this period. If in case you find the equilibrium soon then you would be capable to avoid monetary chaos in future.


You are probable to give fewer importances to your physical condition this year. Plus this is expected to take a charge on your common well being. Pay attention towards your body signs and act consequently. Do not pamper in food for delight. Instead ensure that you take well balanced diets. Your platter should be a combination of colored food stuff. Do keep away from the pallid colored food stuffs like pastries etc for your betterment. Though, headaches and additional joint pains are expected to cause worry during the 1st half of this year. But at the end of this year shall observe you in better health as well as liveliness much to your surprise.


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