The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Honey»

Meaning of Dream «Honey»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Honey is a sweet food product made by bees. It is very popular across all cultures because of its yummy taste and health benefits. Seeing honey in your dreams means wealth and prosperity in addition to love and lawful money. It is also symbolic of your productivity and fertility. Honey in dreams represents a reward that you need to work for in real life.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Honey is symbolic of sweetness and luxury. It is a natural food item that is believed by many to increase male power and female fertility. To see it in your dreams indicates a sexually more active time for you. Honey can also be a bad omen for some people as it is associated with negative emotions and behaviors such as jealousy, worry, bad temper etc. This is because of the fact that flies and wasps are attracted to honey. For a married man or woman, seeing honey in dreams reflects sharing private moments with the spouse. If you see purified honey in your dreams, it is indicative of a period of recovery after some illness.

Your generosity is reflected when you see honey in your dreams. Honey is sweet and yummy, so it obviously symbolic of happiness and pleasure. However, it is also sticky, and if you find yourself washing your hands to get rid of this sticky liquid, But in general, you will have a happy and sweet as honey life when you see this delicious food item in your dreams. You are a generous person who will go to all lengths to ensure that other people feel good.

Psychologically speaking, seeing honey in dreams means that you need to be more assertive and open while communicating with others. This is necessary as others consider you meek and ignore you. Human qualities reflected by honey in dreams are compassion and sweetness.

Original Meaning

Honey is a gift of the bees to mankind. It is pure and yummy and symbolizes sweetness and fertility. Honey reflects the fact that you are happy and content and also a generous individual. However, honey in dreams also means that you are meek and submissive and you need to be a little more open and honest during communications with others. If you are eating and enjoying honey in your dream, it indicates that you will have lots of happiness and pleasure in your real life.

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