The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Hockey»

Meaning of Dream «Hockey»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Hockey is a sport that has become extremely popular all over the world. It is a very aggressive and fast paced field game that requires wearing protective gear and running and chasing other players a lot. Seeing yourself playing hockey on the field indicates the fact of taking on all the hardships in pursuit of your goals in life. In material terms, seeing hockey in your dreams reflects receiving hard blows in your life while working towards your goals. No matter whether you watch others play hockey or play it yourself in your dreams, it reflects success in life through sheer hard work.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Hockey is a tough and aggressive sport played on the field. But to see it in your dreams has emotional and psychological connotations also. You are struggling to offload some of your responsibility when you see this sport in your dreams. Hockey in dreams means that the individual is trying to shrug off his obligations and even blames that are directed towards him. Playing hockey in your dreams reflects your skills and abilities in real life. It is also indicative of rough sexual games that you desire to play with your partners. You may be experiencing some emotional problem with an individual in real life that refuses to go away. If you see yourself running and chasing all over the field, it means that you are involved in a problem with an individual and want to avoid it in real life. Playing this sport in your dreams is a signal that you are telling that person that the problem is really his and not yours.

Hockey in dreams means that you are experiencing lots of problems and hardships in your life and trying a way to get over these problems.

Original Meaning

Hockey is a tough and competitive sport played on field and to see it in your dreams means that you have achieved success in life through hard work and determination. You have taken blows from others and not running away but abiding by the rules and regulations of the society. Hockey is also indicative of rough sexual encounters that you have either had in your life or your desire to have rough sex with your female partners. You believe in use of your skills and abilities to achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself. Protective gear of hockey is indicative of the protection that you have arranged for yourself in real life.

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