The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Hell»

Meaning of Dream «Hell»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of entering the hell fire indicates criminal sins like adultery or even a murder.

However, if one remains unharmed in the dream it indicates the unpleasant situations in the world.

Dreaming of seeing the hell fire coming near him means debts, fines, difficulties, unpleasant circumstances or even major problems from which the dreamer will not be able to escape.

Dreaming of entering the fire of hell holding the sword means that he backbites about others and commits sinful acts against his soul.

Similar interpretation is observed if one enters the same with a smile upon his face. Dreaming of being a prisoner in hell indicates poverty, failures, constraints and unable to remember to God. Dreaming of walking across hot coal indicates the bound of oneself related to the rights of people. Dreaming of eating hell’s food means turning into a criminal.

Dreaming of being inside the fire of hell where his eyes change the color and turn into dark blue and his face becomes black indicates that he has shaken hands with the enemy of God and hence has deceived God almighty. He is surely going to be insulted and hated by the people around him and thus will suffer due to his sins.

Dreaming of hell also means that one should not increase the anger and revenge of a ruler. It also indicates turning into an evil individual.

Dreams of hell also mean involving oneself in criminal acts. The knowledge that the dreamer will possess will only be used for evil purposes. It also indicates the loss of status, reputation and wealth that would lead to discomfort, sadness, depression and illness, which will end in a sudden death served as a punishment.

Dreaming of hell leadig to employment means acquisition of knowledge that would be used for vain religious purposes.

If the dream leads to having a son, he will surely be adultery’s child.

Excessive sexual desires are depicted by dreams of hell including invention of a new religion, lack of honesty, reaching the forbidden doors, denying death, a slaughter house, devil cherishment and being with the wrong people around you, hurting lord Almighty.

Dreaming of Malik, who is the guardian angel of the fire of hell, means receiving proper advices from experienced people.

Seeing Malik reaching the dreamer in the dream indicates trust’s restoration. But if Malik turns his back or leaves his side, it means that he will commit some sinful acts.

Soldiers, authorized people and tax collectors are depicted by the angels seen in the dreams who take care of the punishment of the sinners in hell.

Dreaming of entering the fire of hell then coming out of the dream means his life will be culminated in heaven by God.

If the arms and legs of the dream disapprove in the dream, it means that his conscious is trying to be awakened to know about the realities that exist on the Day Of Reckoning.

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