The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Happiness»

Meaning of Dream «Happiness»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Emotions are often an integral part of dreams. These emotions or emotional states are not disguised as in real life. This means they are reflections of individual’s true feelings in life. However, happiness is one feeling or emotional state that is often compensatory in nature and you are sad or distressed in real life when you dream of happiness.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Sorrow in real life equates with happiness in dreams. This may not be in consonance with the principle that emotional states are not disguised in dreams and they are not symbols for something else. However, happiness in your dreams is indicative of the fact that everything is not well in your life. You try to compensate for sadness or sorrow in your real life when you see yourself as happy in your dreams. Pleasant dreams are an attempt on the part of the individual to make up for unhappiness in real life. This is a way to achieve balance in life. Your happy dreams can let you into factors that make you unhappy in real life and provide a solution to your unhappiness.

If you are doing something in life that your heart is not comfortable with, you become unhappy and sorry without you knowing the reason for your unhappiness. If you do not follow the commands of the almighty or remain indifferent towards these commands, you tend to see yourself happy in your dreams. If you face hardships in life that make you cry and you remain stressed out, you are likely to see dreams in which you are happy.

Despite happiness in dreams reflecting sorrow in real life, you are happy when you are happy in your dreams under the condition that this happiness is for your friend or relative. This is the only time when your happiness in dreams extends to your real life.

Original Meaning

Happiness is one emotional state that does not spill into real life when you find yourself happy in your dreams. In fact, it is on the contrary and you are sad or stressed out in real life when you see yourself happy in your dreams. If you are feeling happy in your dream, it means that you are sad, crying, or full of sorrow in your real life. It is your brain that tries to compensate for sadness in real life by conjuring up happy dreams.

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