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Meaning of Dream «Hand»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Our hands are the most used parts of our body as we express everything by them. The capability to read the language of body is the best thing. Similarly, dreaming of hands may unveil information about the emotions as well as our intentions. For an instance, if you see clenched fists in your dream it may means that you have held back your anger. Extended hands mean that you have the need to develop closely attached friendships. Dreaming of hands stroking you in your dream means you are feeling sexy.

Dreaming of a hand is important in all the cultures and thus has several interpretations. According to the oriental tradition, it means a brother or a sister, child and also the money. Dreaming about cutting someone’s hand or wrist or your own means you are soon going to have some money. Dreaming of a white hand is a good sign. It means that you will lose the bad times and good times are sure to come.

Dreaming of long hands means authority. According to the western tradition, dreaming of dirty hands means that you are going to be in danger or someone else that you know may face some problems in life. Clean hands; on the other hand, indicates that you will solve a problem than has troubled you for long. Dreaming of a baby hands is a good omen and means you will have financial successes. Dreaming of washed hands indicate that you are going to get rid of certain problems in future. Hand of gold in dreams indicates huge wealth, if someone dreams this.

Hand dreams indicate creativity in your present life. It indicates passion that you possess to make it happen. Dreaming of finding something in your hand or even juggling indicates a situation that needs to be analyzed so that you take the right decision. Dreaming of a left hand means you are going to be cheated upon.

Dreaming of clasped hands indicate friendship that will surely last for long. Dreaming of folded hands means hiding away or being healed. It may also mean that you have a hectic life. Dreaming of elderly hands means that you are going to take some wise decisions in life for your progress. Dreaming of washing your hands indicates your feeling of being guilty and it refers to the ending of bad things in your life.

The nail varnish indicates that you are unable to face the circumstances in the world. There’s an indication that a spirit has chosen you to make you work on an important thing. Clarity will exist in future. Dreaming of praying hands or palms that are facing the sky indicates a blessing that will get your happiness.

Dreaming of beautiful hands of someone else means that you will have an advantage from the holiday after your strenuous efforts. Dreaming of hands that are old means that you are going to be away of money problems. Dreaming of hands making signs indicate you are going to have a broken relationship. Dreaming of a hand with all the fingers indicates that your business deals are going to prosper.

Beauty is depicted by hands. Hand washing dreams indicates good moments that are going to appear in future. But if the hands in your dream have hair, it indicates discomfort and unhappiness.

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