The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Guitar»

Meaning of Dream «Guitar»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Guitar is a very common musical instrument loved by most people across the world. It has become such an integral part of our lives that many see it in their dreams. This stringed instrument has become a symbol of masculinity and sexual fantasies. Seeing a guitar in your dreams indicates that you have strength in real life. It is a sign of fertility and carnal desires and you can expect joyous gatherings of friends and relatives if you continue to see guitar in your dreams.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Guitar is associated with strong emotions and desires. If you see yourself playing a guitar or just watching it in your dreams, it may be related to some strong underlying desires (even sexual). This stringed instrument has always been a symbol of youth and rebellion and to see it in dreams indicates that you have intense feelings and desires. Electric guitar is an indication of the strength of your feelings and emotions. A guitar in your dreams means that you are an individual who has the courage to express his feelings to others. If the guitar you see is broken or unstrung, it means that you have faced disappointment in love in real life. Whether you see it or play it in your dreams, a guitar means that you are expecting occupations that you like. If it is the pick of the guitar that you see in your dreams, it signifies the fact that you need to turn your attention to the real passion in your life. Alternatively, it means that you need to express your feelings to others.

Dreaming of a stringed instrument is indicative of the need of rest, harmony, and relaxation in life. Guitar represents creativity and romance in real life. If you see yourself playing guitar, it means that your sexual desires and fantasies need gratification. But if you just hear the sound of a guitar in your dreams, it means that you can expect pleasing company of your dear ones in the near future.

Original Meaning

Our passions and desires are expressed if you see a guitar in your dreams. It is one stringed instrument that represents youth and creativity though it is also associated with sexual fantasies and carnal desires. If you see yourself playing a guitar in your dream, it means that you can expect a gathering of your dear ones shortly in real life. Seeing unstrung or broken guitar can be unlucky for you as it signifies loss of loved one or disappointment in love.

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