The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Graffiti»

Meaning of Dream «Graffiti»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Dreaming of Graffiti is what can be termed as ‘writ large’, though made in a place that’s not appropriate.

This states that we need to consider more than one feature of a particular project, before making the commitment on paper.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Liveliness of graffiti may mean a requirement to ‘lighten up’ and portray creative streak, in terms of self-expression.

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of graffiti states that the time has come to face a bitter truth that you’ve been ignoring.

Such a dream may also indicate that you must not let others influence your decision making power and be tempted to act against your own principles and thus, you should be your own best friend.

Dreaming of graffiti indicates an unconscious attempt to pass on a message to yourself.

It may also indicate an inappropriate part of information that we have in our hands.

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