The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Gold»

Meaning of Dream «Gold»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Gold is the most sought after metal in the world as it is used for making jewelry for men and women. There is a desire for gold among people that is hard to explain. This is why gold is a common dream symbol. It is a very expensive metal that indicates honesty and integrity of the dreamer. Surprisingly, seeing gold in your dream does not have material meanings as it stands as a symbol of wisdom, love, purity and patience.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Gold is a metal that is believed by many to be incorrigible and incorruptible. Seeing it in your dream reflects these qualities in you. It also tells that you are an individual with lots of patience and a caring nature. In fact, gold in dreams is reflective of more of your spiritual qualities rather than your emotional state. However, gold in dreams is a good omen for you as it indicates that you will achieve success in your endeavours in life. If you are a lady receiving gold ornaments in your dreams, you are likely to marry a man who will be wealthy though he will be a mercenary.

If you find yourself searching for gold n your dream, it means that you have better qualities than others and you will be rewarded for your efforts in terms of honors and wealth. Losing gold in dreams indicates that you will lose a good opportunity in life because of sheer negligence. Seeing yourself discovering a vein of gold in a dream indicates that you will receive an honor in real life that you are not very enthusiastic about. Seeing yourself working as a gold miner in dreams means you are likely to trample upon the rights of others. You should guard against domestic quarrels as they can bring disrepute to you.

Original Meaning

Gold is a symbol of purity and wisdom. If you see gold in your dreams, it does not mean you will get wealth in your real life. It reflects your good attributes such as honesty and wisdom. It also means that you are incorruptible and incorrigible like this expensive met used to make jewellery. It also tells that you love and care other people in your life. A girl receiving gold in dreams indicates that she will be married to a wealthy man though he will be a mercenary. Losing gold means great loss in real life.

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