The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Girl»

Meaning of Dream «Girl»

Dream Interpretation:

Islamic interpretation

Dreaming of a little girl represents prosperity, money after poverty, and an ease after going through hardships.

If one sees a milk suckling aged baby girl in the dream, it is even better.

It indicates a praiseworthy and new development in life, or it can even mean enjoying advantages that one has been hoping for, or being in a new world.

Dreaming of a little girl represents that something special is going to happen to the dreamer. Dreaming of carrying the little girl in the dream represents releasing of the prisoner, especially if someone is facing several difficulties, or if he is the culprit behind an argument, or if he is poor or in high debts; it indicates that his sufferings and stress would come to an end due to the little girl’s glad tidings in the dream.

If the above conditions are not seen in the dream, it indicates misfortune or immense stress.

Dreaming of a mother giving birth to an ill baby girl in the dream indicates that the dreamer will be relieved from his difficulties.

Dreaming of her giving birth to such a child from her mouth indicates death.

Dreaming of a little girl means a completely new world whereas a young girl in the dream indicates a new job.

Dreaming of a little girl by a woman indicates that she can never conceive children in her waking life.

The dreamer will enjoy glad tidings if he hires the little girl in order to work for him in the dream.

In the dream, if he hires a little boy, it indicates bad omen. Carrying a little boy in the dream is not as good as carrying a little girl.

Dreaming of carrying a swaddle wrapped baby boy indicates sickness or even imprisonment.

If a poor individual has this dream, it states that he will have a bad and suffering old age.

If that individual is rich in the dream, it indicates that he is bound to lose all the reason and money in his waking life.

Ordinary meaning

We are trying to connect with the innocent and sensitive sides of ourselves if we see a girl belonging to any age in the dreams.

Perception and intuitive qualities may not be fully developed but these are certainly available in ourselves.

We know the qualities in waking life if the girl in the dream in known, yet there is a requirement to find them like we are reaching those from the girl’s perspectives.

A fresh approach would definitely be useful if the girl in the dream is unknown.

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