The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Ghost»

Meaning of Dream «Ghost»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Buried longings and hopes or habit patterns that are old are generally represented by dreams of ghosts.

Existence of something insubstantial is present in those hopes as sufficient energy has not been put by us in it.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Resurrection of old feelings or memories is represented by ghost dreams. Presently, requirement of taking an appropriate action is what we understand by being in touch with the dead ones.

In a dream if we are being haunted by the ghost, it represents that we have not handled some sort of an emotional trauma well enough.

Indian interpretation

Ghost dream is an extremely bad omen. Overwhelming caused by difficulties will exist. Enemies that are terrible will rule you.

Chinese interpretation

Life span will increase if you fight with a ghost in your dream.

Original Meaning

Ghost dream indicates that either you or one of your parents are being exposed to harm or danger and you need to be extremely precautionary in building relationships and partnerships with strangers.

Seeing a dead friend’s ghost states that you will have a long way to go with a companion who is unpleasant, and will face several disappointments.

If the ghost speaks with you in the dream, you will be lured by your enemies.

If a woman has dreams of ghosts, it is a symbol of entering deception and widowhood.

Loss of misfortunes and kindred is denoted by dreams in which the ghost or an angel appears right in the sky.

If you have a dream in which the male ghost is on your left and the female ghost is on your right side in the sky, both appearing pleasant, indicates a sudden rise to being famous; however, the respect, power and position will be occupied for a short period, as deception and death will take it all away, soon.

If you have a dream of a female ghost floating in the sky in clinging and long robes, it symbolizes that you will progress in certain scientific studies and will gain money surprisingly; however, there will be an existence of some sort of a sadness in life.

To have a dream wherein a living friend or relative is a ghost, states that you are exposed to danger of a friend’s malice and thus it is a warning for you to keep the personal affairs to yourself, under your own supervision.

If you have a dream wherein the ghost seems to be unwell, it indicates early death of the friend.

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