The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Geisha»

Meaning of Dream «Geisha»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Geisha is the term that refers to traditional Japanese girls involved with entertainment of their guests. If you dream of geisha, it means you attracted by the charm and grace of these girls. If you saw yourself as geisha, it means that you lead a well balanced social life. It also means that you will find new love in life soon if you saw yourself as geisha.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Geisha is a symbol of sexuality, beauty, and charm. To see a geisha in your dreams indicates your desire to be in the company of a beautiful and sexy female. It also means that you are desirous of improved relationships with those who matter in your life. You have a well balanced outlook towards life and you are very adaptive to different situations in life.

Geisha symbolizes sexual fantasies that people have and are ashamed to tell others about them. Geisha has become so popular around the world that it is no longer confined to Japan. If you dream about having a geisha as your companion, it means that you are desirous of the company of a beautiful and sexy young girl who is also well mannered. The main job of geisha is to regale and entertain men. Though traditionally it meant performing dance and singing, the term geisha has only sexual connotations these days. This is the reason why dreaming about geisha reflects your cravings for sexual encounters with a young and beautiful girl.

Dreaming about geisha also indicates your desire to have some relaxing moments in the company of a beautiful girl with brains as geisha have traditionally been known as girls with wisdom. In a sense, a dream about geisha tells about your dreams and aspirations. As a symbol of divine beauty and erotic charm, there is no one to beat a geisha. Geisha indicates feminine grace and charm and it is a dream symbol of passion and desire.

Original Meaning

Geisha is a term reserved for traditional Japanese female entertainers. These females were epitome of feminine grace and charm and they had all the skills to regale and please their male clients. If you dream of a geisha, it means you have sexual fantasies and this dream is a way to fulfill those fantasies. A geisha in dreams represents your passion and sexual desires. If you see yourself as a geisha, it means that you are very social and adapt to changing situations easily.

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