The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Gazelle»

Meaning of Dream «Gazelle»

Dream Interpretation:

Islamic interpretation of dreams

Female gazelle, in a dream, indicates a beautiful woman. Dreaming of a capturing female gazelle means taking undue advantage of a woman or it may also mean marriage.

Dreaming of throwing a stone at a gazelle may mean raping a woman or divorcing one’s wife or committing a sin or being violent with the wife. Dreaming of hunting a gazelle means profits.

Dreaming of shooting a gazelle with many arrows means damaging a woman.

Dreaming of slaughtering a gazelle indicates deflowering a servant who’s a female.

Dreaming of turning into a deer indicates he lives only to satisfy himself, his sexual desires and lust in the world.

Dreaming of receiving a gift from gazelle indicates receiving inheritance and turning wealthy.

Dreaming of a gazelle also indicates a child.

Dreaming of a gazelle entering into someone’s house means that his son will get married soon.

Dreaming of a gazelle jumping at someone indicates that his wife will go against him. Dreaming of running to catch the gazelle indicates gaining strength. Dreaming of owning the gazelle means earning money lawfully or getting married to a noble woman.

Dreaming of killing a gazelle or a dying gazelle in the arms indicates sorrow, difficulties and distress.

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