The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Gate»

Meaning of Dream «Gate»

Dream Interpretation:

Emotional/psychological perspective

Gate dreams depict change that one is aware of. We are going through a threshold in life and maybe trying to move to another phase in life. Such change awareness is enlightened by the kind of gate that is seen in the dream.

For example, a gate of farm may indicate a work change and on the other hand, a gate of garden may depict happiness.

Material Aspects

In our daily life, we always pass through some sort of a barrier that exists generally in our dreams.

A decorated gate means an organized change whereas a gate that is old (especially if it is a broken one) indicates the way of working that needs to be updated or upgraded.

General meaning

Dreaming of passing through the gate means that business affairs would not be very delighting.

Dreaming of a closed gate indicates current problems.

Dreaming of locking the gate indicates successful business and good friends.

Dreaming of a broken gate indicates failure and bad society.

Dreaming of being trouble to get inside the gate or opening it means that your labors will not be satisfied or work satisfactorily.

Dreaming of swing on a gate indicates that you are going to engage in loose pleasures.

Dreaming of an open gate indicates great opportunities in future.

Closed gate dreams indicate problems. But these problems can be worked on if hard work is done.

Look into other things in the dream if you wish to know what the various problems that you face are.

Dreaming of a locked gate means you have problems in life that you are unable to cope up with; however, if you have means to open the gate in your dream, it indicates your strength to go through anything.

In the above mentioned case, success is surely on its way.

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