The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Garden»

Meaning of Dream «Garden»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Dreaming of a garden is a reflection of charming and domesticated nature. Garden, for the most part is a place for both love and seduction. If you see a nice garden, it means a wish for affection and love, cheerfulness and well-balanced life. Dreaming of a garden also reflects the real-life satisfaction. However, if you see overgrown gardens in your dream pronounce disappointments for one doesn’t take care enough of a being close person. For a garden with high walls, it could promise you with good luck, but also warns isolation and seclusion. The garden is an amazing place to stay, colorful and vibrant flowers, trees and even vegetables, which are the signs of abundance, wealth and satisfaction towards the real life.

Psychological/Emotional Perspective

The garden is a symbol with positive energy. Generally, it stands as a picture for a conjugal respect, indicating fertility, growth, renewal or joy of life. More often than not, a garden can be surrounded with a fence or wall with a narrow entrance. It means that someone doesn’t like to look for himself inside. From such state, whether the garden runs cultivated or runs, the conclusions on the state of the soul simply infuse themselves. If you are standing in growth, blossom as well as fertility rule, this simply indicates your joy of life and mostly an intact kind of life. If you see a gardener in your dream, maintaining the garden is a good omen. A garden is a representation of wildness. Thus, if you have been experiencing a bit of troubles and uncertainties in the real life, it would be ideal for you to start taming and cultivating your life. This way, you can attain optimum growth, both in your personal or real life.

Original Meaning

The garden symbolizes both internal and external positions that can take you towards life. A well-cultivated garden simply indicates balance, well-being and prosperity. An overgrown garden on the unstable and mental-changeability and imbalance. The garden also means gaining and having one suggests the rejection of a request. A garden with well-maintained flower garden signifies real happiness for people who are in love. It is also a good business for good harvests and entrepreneurs. Garden with the trees means worry and sadness. If there are fruit trees in bloom, it suggests marriage, happiness and pleasure. However, abandoned flower garden is simply a sign of confusion. On the other hand, when women dream about flowery garden, it can be a sign of a substantial and dissatisfactory life. When women dream of brilliantly flowery gardens, there’s a satisfactory life waiting for you. However, if you dream of a fenced garden, it means that you are not satisfied with your life and just want to free yourself from things that conceals the real you. When a man's dream of the garden, they correspond to the body of the woman, for which they want to find. As a sign of prosperity, wealth and happiness, dreaming of a garden can provide you positive energy.

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