The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Fox»

Meaning of Dream «Fox»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Fox is an animal that is not only ferocious but also very cunning. It is a very common dream symbol that stands for enemy who is trickster and a liar. A fox in your dreams tells you that you should beware of perfidious persons in your life as they can harm you in material terms. However, a fox also tells you that you can expect more profits in your business. You may soon be getting new clothes. A fox in your dreams could also fetch a new wife for you.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Fox in dreams can have many different meanings depending upon the circumstances of the dreamer. It is a cunning animal that tells you that you are surrounded by someone who is using deceit to dupe you. A fox is also a fortune teller. Seeing it in your dream indicates that you must remain cautious against tricksters and people with malicious intentions in real life. This animal is in a sense is a physician for you who tells you what not to do to avoid misery in life.

If you see yourself killing a fox in your dream, it is a bad omen as it indicates that you are likely to take advantage of a woman and dupe her. Fox is also associated with sycophancy as it is known to ingratiate lions to get leftovers. If you see a fox in your dreams, you are trying to please a noble man or woman to achieve your own goals. If you see yourself asking for favors from a fox in a dream, it could be indicative of your fear of not just human beings but also spirits and the devil.

If you are fighting with a fox in a dream, it means that your wife has cheated upon you. But if you have got hold of a part of the body of the fox, you have earned a victory for yourself in a major endeavor in life. It could also signify inheriting wealth from your parents.

Original Meaning

Fox is an aggressive and perfidious animal. Seeing it in dreams means you are indulging in speculations or otherwise having affairs that are not good for your marital life. If the fox you see is trying to sneak past your backyard, you can assume that your reputation is at stake because of your suspicious friends. If you kill the fox in your dream, you can expect success in future.

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