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Meaning of Dream «Food»

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Ordinary meaning

Food’s enjoyment relies upon the psychological desires as well as needs. Food symbolizes means of satisfying yourself and dreaming of food indicates that it is time to understand what you are looking forward to have in your life. Such a dream can also represent the requirement to find out different qualities of the relationship of love in your life.

Following are some of the foods’ dream interpretation meanings in brief:

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Dreaming about a banquet or a feast is good as it means that you are going to be favored by your friends. If you are starving in your dream, it means that you have faithful friends in your life. However, it is not a great symbol if you see yourself hungry in the dream. It may mean that you are not very happy and satisfied in your domestic life and thus it is mandatory it pull out some time to relax during an unpleasant phase.

If you dream of bread, it states that you are looking forward to have experiences in the basic needs. Cake represents the requirement of enjoying life. In the dream, if the cake is covered by cream, chocolate, icing or any other dressing; it states that the enjoyment in your life would come soon. Ham or any other meat usually means that you hold a problem extremely close to the heart. Having a meal with others around the table indicates the requirement in your heart to feel that you belong to a particular situation close to you.

Milk dream indicates that there is a requirement to know that you need to increase nutrition in the diet. Three course meal dream indicates that you wish to be accepted in life. Jam dream indicates that you may suffer some misfortune. However, this misfortune is temporary and would pass soon. Dreaming of a multilayered onion represents several parts of the life that you should look into in your life to be successful. Boiled sweets or sweets dream indicates casual places in your life. Vegetable dream indicates aspects like basic requirements and it advices your requirement for betterment.

You may have to take care of the mental pressures and work in future if you have a breakfast dream. A project that you have been working on may complete in the next few months. You may be entertained in a social get together if you have a dream where you are weighing the food. Grocery or shopping dreams state that comfort would enter in life, soon.

Happiness and joy are going to spread in life if you dream of having food on a picnic or an event outside. Secret domestic bliss is symbolized by roasting meat dreams. If you see a butcher cutting the meat in your dream, it may suggest that you will fall ill. Pleasant surroundings are represented by beef dreams. Gravy dream represents that your health and wellness needs attention. Having pork dream indicates that an argument or fight may occur, and that you may occupy a powerful position. Property in future may come if you dream of eating or seeing any kind of ham.

Any kind of dullness that is present in your life may dissolve soon if you have a bacon dream, which is a good omen.

Lard or olive oil dream represents an increase in affairs of finance. It is necessary to dissolve financial commitments and build up a financial plan so that the worries you have been surrounded with since more than last six months can be gotten rid of. Chicken or pork dreams are related to monetary affairs. It is necessary to understand that a financial plan helps you in escaping the commitments currently present in work. Successful undertakings are represented by sausages, and if you have a sausage eating dream, it represents a pleasant and peaceful domestic life. Enjoyment of pleasures in life is denoted by oyster dreams.

Garlic dreams indicate an increase in wealth. Dreams of sardines indicate that there would be a social event that would stress you in future. Dreams of clams represent that a deal with a person, who is not honest, may happen in future. Turnip dreams indicate that you will be successful in your career, and that you will be assigned with others’ responsibilities in future. Eating green turnips dream indicates that you may have some sort of a disappointment about a situation in future. Prosperity in future is likely to happen if you dream of turnips in a stew and you’re a young woman.

Potato dream is generally a good omen. Potato planting dream is generally a good sign. Potato picking and boiling dream indicates that you are going to have some type of a materialistic success in future. Rotting potato dream indicates that a pleasant situation is going to occur in your life.

Your mental and health stability may be challenged in some or the other way in future if you dream of carrots. If you a woman dreaming of eating carrots, it represents that you are soon to be married. Dreaming of any kind of radish states that your life will soon have the entrance of good luck in future. Refrigeration of carrots dream indicates that the business activities will succeed in future. Some happy times with friends are soon to occur if you have dreams of eaten radishes.

Having dreams of mushrooms represent unhealthy desires in life. Recognition of such desires is required but may not happen at the present moment.

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