The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Fog»

Meaning of Dream «Fog»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Fog is something we all are familiar with. Tiny droplets of water crystallize near the surface of earth to make it difficult for us to see clearly. Many people see fog or foggy weather conditions in their dreams. It is a symbol of loss and confusion. Uncertainty and worries are signified by fog in dreams. In material terms, fog denotes loss and worries in business.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Fog creates confusion and one loses his sense of direction. If you see fog in dreams, it means that you are confused and worried about some issues in life. There is a lot of mystery and uncertainty associated with fog and it is not easy to interpret it in straight terms. Fog sends different signals but in general, it is indicative of the fact that you need to think in a clear manner to come out of a confused emotional state. The dreamer is unable to deal in a coherent manner with those who are important in his life. Fog indicates that the individual is incapable of taking correct decisions as he lacks knowledge. The dreamer is in a state of doubt and confusion and suffering from insecurity.

If you see fog in your dream, it means you are not able to make sense of your surroundings in a correct manner. It indicates aimlessness because of obstacles that do not allow you to see ahead clearly. It is better for the dreamer to wait and let the fog clear up so that he is able to see things in the right perspective. Fog in dream indicates that the individual should take help and advice of others while taking decisions on important matters in his life. There are situations in life when one’s own wisdom is not sufficient to tackle the challenges thrown by life.

Original Meaning

Aimless waking and loss of sense of direction are indicated by fog in dreams. The dreamer is facing certain doubts and he is not capable of taking correct decisions regarding important matters in life. If there is dense fog and you find it difficult to recognize people in your dream, it means that you are facing troubles in business and personal life. If a young girl sees fog in her dreams, it indicates that she will be involved in a scandal in near future. If she is able to find way in the midst of fog, she will be able to regain her prestige.

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