The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Fire»

Meaning of Dream «Fire»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Reviewing the dream in detail, such a dream is related to the correlated even that has happened in your life. Dreaming of flames imply the barriers related to emotions that are required to be overcome.

Dreaming of a weak or small fire indicates that you’re going to have an experience of happiness in your life. Dreaming of being unable to start a fire suggests that a situation at work should be dealt in a diplomatic manner.

Dreaming of a fire brigade suggests that you are going to take an advice of someone close to you to obtain a particular passion for a project that you don’t wish to turn down. Such passions have turned obsessions and it is necessary that you have a control on your temperament in future. If you dream of a fireplace in the dream it means domestic bliss. Dreaming of a fireplace that has gone out of control indicates uncontrollable or dangerous emotions at home.

Dreaming of a cozy fire is a positive omen that shows that you’re very happy in life. Dreaming of a roaring fire right behind the gate indicates new hopes right after a difficult time. Dreaming of a bush fire suggests that your emotions are being out of control. Since a bush fire moves very quickly, you may note that a gossip has spread to all its length before it is stopped by the others. Dreaming of putting out the fire with water indicates that you’re going to put an end to a family fraud. Dreaming of hiding from a fire suggests that important luck is in your way that will help you in being self-sufficient for a particular period of time (money is in future). Dreaming of a candle flame suggests that there’s a warranty for your hopes of a better tomorrow.

Dreaming of fire in hell suggests that you will soon witness a destructive person in future. Dreaming of a spreading fire indicates that arguments may happen in future. You may have to control the explosive passionate feelings as well as personalities, including emotions of others around you.

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