The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Fear»

Meaning of Dream «Fear»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Emotions in dreams are pure and they do not stand for something else. Fear is one emotion that is very common in dreams and reflects repressed fears in real life. To be fearful in dreams signifies that your achievements and success in real life are not as good as you anticipated. Fear also indicates that you are stubborn and reluctant to change. In material terms, being fearful in dreams indicates temporary misfortune in real life.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Fear in dreams is a very common phenomenon experienced by millions of people around the world. It reflects their anxieties and worries in real life. Fear in dreams is a reflection of fears and worries in real life. There are many different types of fears and they have different meanings. It is important to find out what makes you fearful in your dreams. If you are fearful of falling from a height, it indicates trauma or distress in real life. It also indicates dissatisfaction in real life. If you see yourself crying because of a fear in your dreams, it means that you have committed a mistake and trying to compensate for it. If you are fearful of a dog in your dream, it indicates the fact that you have done something wrong towards your friends or relatives. But if it is the dog that is fearful, it means that you have to do something to help your friend. Being frightened by a cat in dreams tells that there are enemies in your life. If you see a terrified cat, it means that you will be able to overcome these enemies.

You have people or situations in life that you are not able to trust. If you see yourself terrified and standing alone, it is indicative of lack of support in real life. You will have to deal with your problems all alone. If you are living a happy life, fear in dreams is a warning of things to come. There are some people who find themselves imprisoned in their dreams. This dream means that you are trapped in your circumstances.

Original Meaning

Fear is a very common emotion in real life. Your worries and anxieties in life are reflected in dreams where you find yourself fearful. There are many things and situations that make people fearful and it is necessary to take into account the subject that causes fright in dreams.

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