Unknown Facts about Night Dreams

Unknown Facts about Night Dreams

Fact #1:

Everybody dreams but there are many individuals who do not even remember what they dream while waking up, yet they dream and forget.

Fact #2:

Human beings usually spend around six years in dreaming throughout their life.

Fact #3:

Many times we dream not in our Rapid eye movement or REM sleep.

Fact #4:

Egyptians were considered as the primary or pioneer of the dream dictionary back to 4000 B.C.E., around thousands years ago.

Fact #5:

We approximately spend near about one-third of our lives almost sleeping.

Fact #6:

Individuals who suffer from personality disorder lacks in dream activities.

Fact #7:

Brains considered being more active while sleeping rather than awake.

Fact #8:

Human beings usually see three to seven dreams at night. We generally dream for about two to three hours in entire night.

Fact #9:

Ninety percent of dreams are lost at the very moment we wake-up.

Fact #10:

Men are likely to dream concerning men rather than women whereas, women dreams about both genders equally.


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