The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Elf»

Meaning of Dream «Elf»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of elves talks of the predictions of new friendships with reliable and intellectual people. Elf also indicates that there will be some difficulties at home. Such dreams speak of some sort of a trouble that is bound to happen in the house or the whole family, in general. Whether the elves in the dream are friendly or not, there is an indication of being disappointed by a friend whom you trust by all your heart.

Elf dream is an indication that you will solve your problems and that you will have a good health in future. Dreaming of a large headed elf is an omen stating that there is someone trying to hurt you. Dreaming of being an elf means you might fall ill. Generally, dreaming of an elf is not a good omen.

Dreaming of an elf speaks of difficulties and disorders in life. Dreaming of an elf being the adversary means that the small sorrows should be taken care of first, if you wish to erase all the problems from your life.

Dreaming of an elf if you are a woman indicates that a lover or a friend will betray you in some or the other way. Dreaming of an elf if you are a man indicates that you are surely going to make a new enemy. Elf can bring bad news in dreams, advising on how you will be followed by the hardships.

Dreaming of elf refers to lack of harmony in the waking life. The human spirit is guided or escorted by an elf. It is an indicate that any kind of concerns that you have been holding on to should be let go, and you should be easy with yourself, and you should be easier with others in your life.

According to the Arabic tradition, dreaming of elves advices on how you will be more superior to your enemies, yet there has to be a focus on how to protect and take care of yourself from the rude people. If you do not take care, you can be surrounded and followed by the people with clever behavior, and that can cause danger to you or your loved ones, to the highest extent of causing a great damage to you.

Elf is the counterpart to giant, and thus it can say how unpleasant incidents can be taken care of. Dreaming of elves, if you have enemies, states about how powerless you are. Elf may also mean the likeliness for you to meet someone important. Hideous and ugly elf is a bad omen indicating sorrow.

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