The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Elephant»

Meaning of Dream «Elephant»

Dream Interpretation:

Islamic interpretation

Dreaming of an elephant indicates a feared and well respected enemy who is witty and has severe responsibilities and is an expert in the war tactics.

Dreaming of an elephant also indicates rudeness. Riding the elephant or having a control over it in the dream indicates establishment of contacts with a politician or a leader and having profits from that connection.

Such dreams also mean living a prosperous and long life. Riding the elephant at night in the dream represents an increase in the rank, and if one is worthy enough to be a leader, he will turn into one but then involve into a war, that he will surely lose. Dreaming of riding the elephant during the day time represents divorce, deceit or betrayal. Dreaming of taking something out of the trunk of elephant or milking it indicates that one will receive legal money from someone who has immense powers or even extortion.

Dreaming of an elephant indicates a strong king who is generous and kind, soft hearted and calm.

If someone is hit by the elephant in his dream, it represents enjoying advantages from the king-like person or being inherited with something from him, suddenly becoming wealthy due to higher connections, or even receiving a long-await political appointment.

Dreaming of an elephant represents scholars, noble and righteous people.

Elephant in the dream depicts toiling, difficulties and then being relieved from these.

If one sees an elephant in the dream and he is unable to ride on it, it indicates that there is a loss in business or lack of freedom.

Dreaming of a dead elephant states that a great person or a ruler will die, or that a kind and innocent person will be murdered.

Dreaming of an elephant in another land indicates adversities.

Illness is depicted if someone sees a threatening elephant in the dream.

Death is certain if someone falls under the elephant’s feet in the dream.

If one talks to an elephant in the dream, it indicates that a previous gift would be received from someone who has powers. If one fears the elephant and runs here and there in the dream, it means he would be punished by someone with powers. Dreaming of riding an elephant during some sort of a war indicates destruction and slow defeat. Dreaming of eating the elephant’s meat indicates money.

For common people, dreaming of an elephant indicates advantages and benefits, but for religious and pious people, it depicts adversities. Riding the elephant in the dream indicates suppression or lies.

Dreaming of seeing the elephant enter a different land, which is not its natural habitat, indicates a visit of the president or a king to another country or may even mean invading it.

Ordinary meaning

Elephants if one of the oldest known animals, if not the only oldest known animal, out of all the domestic ones.

According to the Hindu mythology, Ganesha, god with an elephant’s head, is associated with richness and wealth.

Thus, unless the dreamer has certain issues with elephants in real, elephant dreams are generally indications of great fortunes.

Dreaming of a happy and friendly elephant indicates a transformation in the luck for your betterment.

Dreaming of riding the elephant indicates an increase in the social status.

If you dream of an elephant performing, you are surely going to make new friends whereas an elephant, which is working indicates achievement of success due to your own efforts. Even dreaming of fighting with, being attacked by or angry elephants is not a bad sign at all.

It only depicts a bit of delay in the achievement of goals.

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