The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Eclipse»

Meaning of Dream «Eclipse»

Dream Interpretation:

Aspects of material

Doubts as well as fears on our personal success are signified by dreams of an eclipse. We are unable to prosper in what we do as the surrounding people seem to be more valuable and able in doing things than we are.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Difficulties are about to come in future during which the actual cheerfulness that we posses seems tough to be maintained. Shadowing the source of enlightenment and illumination; shadowing or hiding of our emotions through circumstances that are not internal is also represented by the eclipse.

Islamic interpretation

(Solar eclipse; Lunar eclipse) Having the dream of a solar eclipse means that a particular calamity or circumstance will certainly befall the country’s leader; whereas having the dream of a lunar eclipse means that a similar circumstance will befall the country’s prime minister.

Ones mother or wife’s death is also represented by the dream of a solar eclipse.

Befall of a particular country or land’s governor is represented if the sun is covered by a single cloud in the dream.

If one has a dream in which the sun is moving right above the clouds and is unable to come from under them, it represents his death.

A great scholar may also be represented by the sun in a dream.

Fall of a ruler who is unjust is represented by a dream in which the cloud covers the sunlight.

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of an eclipse states that you are having a lack of intuitive judgment. Someone else is enjoying the appreciation and credits for the achievements of your life, is the feeling that is represented by the dream of sun.

Dreaming of a lunar eclipse represents overshadowing of your feminine side.

Illness of a dear or closed one may also be represented by such a dream.

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