The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Earth»

Meaning of Dream «Earth»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Earth is where all human beings live. In many cultures, earth is assigned great value and given the status of god or goddess. Normally people do not talk or think about earth but it is a common dream symbol as many see it in their dreams. If you are looking down upon the globe from above in your dreams, it indicates success in life and happiness in general.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Seeing in earth is generally taken to be a good omen as earth symbolizes fertility, strength, care, and other attributes in the dreamer. However, much depends upon the circumstances of the dreamer and the condition in which he sees earth in his dreams. In fact, the locality seen in the dream decides the meaning of the dream. In general, seeing earth in dreams indicates that you can expect riches in life after a period of adversity and peace after troubles.

If you see a fish carrying the globe on water, the head of state in your country could be deposed in sometime. He will either resign on his own or he will be forced to step down. You care for your family and community at large if you see yourself sweeping the earth or showing care for the carpet in your dream. Earth happens to be a symbol of authority and mother figure. You could be thinking about your mother of late to see earth in your dreams. You could be a farmer or a tiller if you see earth being ploughed or seeds, plants, harvesting, and other work related with farming. If you find yourself in a land that you do not recognize, it indicates your family including mother, kids, spouse, and even your heir.

Earth also represents knowledge as well as arguments. You could be a knowledgeable person or you could have arguments with your boss if you see earth in your dreams. Earth truly represents life whereas sky represents life after death.

Original Meaning

Earth is an integral part of the lives of all of us and we attach great value to a piece of land whether for farming or for living. Seeing earth in dreams can have many different meanings depending upon your circumstances and the condition in which you see earth. In general, earth represents power, authority, love, care, fertility, happiness and wealth. Seeing yourself resting in a relaxed state means you can expect good days ahead.

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