The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Duck»

Meaning of Dream «Duck»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a duck may mean both good and a bad omen, relating to the context. While eating the meat of the duck is a good sign stating that you will have luck in your life soon, dreaming of several ducks may indicate troubles in your life and if you see a duck being caught by you, it means someone may backbite about you, according to the Ancient Persians.

Dreaming of a duck means happy times with the younger ones as well as little children. The trip that you are planning to go on may give you a lot of happiness.

The relation between water and duck may indicate death of a known person (not a close relative or friend) by drowning.

Dreaming of shooting the duck means that there’s someone who is jealous of you. Dreaming of the ducks quacking means that something good is going to happen in your life. Dreaming of eating the duck is a positive sign in your love life, especially if you were with a woman in the dream.

Dreaming of a running duck indicates that a secret will soon be unveiled. Dreaming of wearing the outfit of a duck means magic. Dreaming of shooting a duck means bad words as well as grapevine. Catching the duck in the dream indicates that you will be lied to; it also means that the property you will receive does not belong to you at all. Danger is depicted by the dream of cutting the neck of the duck. Dreaming of a wild duck means disappointment.

Dreaming of ducklings means contentment. It means new starts. Dreaming of a duck’s nest means you will lose the clues. Dreaming of a flock of ducks indicates luck and positive financial news. It means that things are going to settle in place. Dreaming of swimming ducks means good luck in your business. Dreaming of a couple of ducks indicates that there will be a wedding soon. Dreaming of flying duck means happiness for a short period. Some happiness is surely on your way.

Dreaming of duck in dirty water means your ability to overcome your deepest emotions. You are surely going to face emotional complications. Dreaming of a rubber duck indicates that you will surely have the authority to overcome any problem. Dreaming of a dead duck depicts negative emotions as well as failed attempts in love.

Dreaming of flying ducks means you are logical in your skills that help you overcome the problems. You are able to develop good solutions in your life. Dreaming of a duck in the grass means problems in getting rid of the present circumstances. Dreaming of a huge duck indicates that you are someone else at present. It may also mean stress, obstacles and delays in getting rid of problems. Dreaming of a duck flying away suddenly means that the problems will be solved with a sudden blink and good times are in future.

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