The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Dragon»

Meaning of Dream «Dragon»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Dragon is a universal yet complex symbol.

It is observed as both fearful yet manageable, under several circumstanced it will indicate us of our untamed nature. Chaotic beliefs and passions should be understood by us. Often, these can be achieved through dreams, where an environment is suitably produced.

Emotional/psychological perspective

We all possess a heroic part in ourselves that faces dangerous fights to overcome the weaker sides of our characteristics and reach the inner resources. Dragon dreams allow us that fight.

Chinese interpretation

Seeing a dragon at the doorway: you will enjoy an auspicious and prosperous life.

Snake and dragon enter the house: money will enter into your pocket.

Ordinary meaning

Dragon dreams indicate the attitude of an individual towards such creatures.

According to the British mythology, dragons were seen as dangerous and fearsome beasts, whereas according to the Chinese tradition, they were seen as bringers of good luck.

Thus, it is significant for the dreamer to recall the exact circumstances of his dream.

Ominous and dark dream states the dragon as the ‘beast in you’, which can mean your weaknesses. However, if the dream was positive, optimistic and happy, something beautiful will surely happen.

Dragon is the guardian of authority, traditionally.

Dragons originally were a verision of serpent Tiamat, darkness and chaos’ goddess.

Winning victory against the dragon spiritually states that we have become the custodians of our future.

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