The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Dog»

Meaning of Dream «Dog»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Dog is the closest animal to human beings. It has been domesticated by the humans and proves to be very loyal for its owner. Dogs have been a part and parcel of the lives of most of us and it is not surprising to find them as common dream symbols. They reflect unconditional love and loyalty in dreams.

Psychological/emotional perspective

If you see a dog in your dreams, you are an individual who willingly commits sins. Barking dog in your dream says that you are imprudent and have a repulsive personality. If you are bitten by a dog in the dream, it reflects the fact that you have been harmed by your enemy in real life. It could also be pain inflicted upon you by a friend or a business associate. If the dog does not ark, you can breathe easy as your enemy has left without causing too big a harm. However, if you see a cute and playful puppy in the dream, it means that you are thinking about a lovely kid. A white puppy in your dream indicates your own son who will become a staunch follower. Black puppy, on the other hand, will dominate the household and direct all the activities. If you see shepherd’s dog in your dreams, you can stay relaxed as they bring wealth and profits in business. Beware of pet dogs in dreams as they mean there is a strong enemy in your life.

Greyhound is one breed that reflects the fact that you will have not just wealth but you will also be in control of the matters in your life. For an army general, a greyhound in his dreams reflects his biggest source of strength in real life. If you happen to see a rare a Japanese Spaniel, you are likely to do business with a foreign national. You are trying to satisfy your lust or sexual desire if you find yourself hunting in tandem with a dog in your dreams.

Original Meaning

Dog has been a loyal companion of mankind since time immemorial. However, seeing a dog in dreams is generally regarded as a bad omen as they represent people with lowly characters and enemies who are trying to harm you. A barking dog in dreams reflects physical or mental harm caused to you by your enemy. If you see yourself eating dog meat, you are winning over your enemy in real life.

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