The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Dinosaurs»

Meaning of Dream «Dinosaurs»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dinosaur dreams indicate that the time for you to leave things behind and move ahead, has arrived. Dreaming of dinosaurs indicates that you must give up certain ways of think and habits that you have.

You are scared of changes if the dinosaur is following you in your dream and you are continuously running. People do not seem to be needed and useful. You feel lonely. Dreaming of being a cave man means that your problems and issues in life keep on returning to haunt you. It also suggests that you are trying very hard to transform your opinion. Even though things seem tough – hold on to yourself and your hard work will bring fruitful results.

Dreaming of seeing or locating a dinosaur bones brings luck in love life. There are certain wounds, and their quick healing is mandatory. If you see yourself collecting bones, a close friend may be lost. If you dream of bones in a big pile, it indicates a death within the family.

Dreaming of a raptor means that you are tackling with a strong fear in your life. This fear stalks you in your waking life. You seem to be in a small place and thus you are unable to make the right decisions. However, this fear can be useless and thus you must take some time and think about this feeling. Being afraid is a primary feeling and no one else can deal it for you. Give an ear to the raptor in the dream; it may inform you about something related to your fear.

Dreaming of the dinosaur’s presence generally represents suppressed feelings and thoughts, including fear. It may indicate a time when the individual will talk of his fears and have enough strength to cope up with such negative emotions and highest materialism, and will achieve greater internal as well as external freedom.

Dreaming of killing a dinosaur in your dream states that you have force closed a lesson from your past. You have repaid the Karmas for that lesson and thus you are now free. Finally, the time has come to live in the present.

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