The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Demons»

Meaning of Dream «Demons»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

You are not the only one to have woken up at midnight thrilled with dear of undefined horror caused by the evil that has recently materialized. Similar experiences have been faced by a lot of people, although differently. The feeling remains for sometime as it is wild and not bearable at all. The dreamer way find ways to rescue himself and wakes up in an unusual manner but calming down seems difficult until he realizes it was just a dream.

According to the interpretation of ancient books on dreams, such demons depict our personality that we generally require to overcome so that we are able to live in a better way. Such statements are justified by theories as well that were present during the ancient times. People in the ancient times considered that such apparitions lured people who do not have a normal sexuality. Mesopotamia’s legends talk of Lilith, the body ailments and death’s demon. She appears in the erotic dreams of men and women to load them with passions that are unnecessary.

These apparitions during the middle ages were said to be demons named succubus and incubus. While succubus was the female demon who lured men to have sexual dreams from a tender age, incubus was the male demon who lured the females to have sexual dreams and erotic feelings right from the young age.

There was a major belief in the Algonquin Indians who stated that the demon’s dream is a state of mind wherein the soul if between the world of alive and dead. From this point, the vulnerability of people arises when the demon attack dreams are seen.

The second theory states that there are those people who have inferior spirits who have committed sins and died and thus don’t find peace after their death due to which they seek to enter another body to have their sentence served to quench their demonic thirst in some other way. As they lack a body, they attempt to posses one and the weaker spirits are attacked when they are in the weakest moment of their lives: while dreaming.

There are certain modern theories like manifestations in relation to the situations in the life of the dream. For an instance, traumas or certain depressive or negative situations of childhood may have a bad effect all through the adult life of the dreamer. Corruption, physical violence, abusive language, criminality and even the natural disasters can lead to a lot of inner depression that causes dreams of demons. Tensions at the workplace, fights with friends, family or spouse may also lead to demonic dreams. Such dreams appear in every individual’s life and the frequency differs from an individual to another. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, higher frequency of such dreams is related to the psychic-emotional state and thus there’s a requirement to heal or medically cure it.

Dreaming of a demon may symbolizes temptations in thoughts and motivation of people that surround you, laziness, useless actions that may hurt in the end, selfish motives that lead you nowhere, struggling childhood and traumas or may mean lack of love from the loved one or parents.

Dreaming of a demon means unpleasant events back at office, a feeling to do something else in your real life, loss of something important, a wish to get rid of certain duties, unhappiness related to your career, taking decisions all by yourself and the requirement to adjust in all the circumstances, even in the most problematic ones.

Psychologists of dreams state that demons portray our fear. Dark colored demons may mean that you have certain depression. Light colored demons indicate a happier dream. Natural spirits, along with the monstrous demons, are created to suppress the man. Dreaming of demons wherein you constantly fall means that you are going to be tempted in the future.

In order to clear it furthermore, following is a passage from Fyodor Dostevsky’s Brothers Karamazov in 1880:

“I sometimes dream of devils. It is night, in my room is the devils everywhere in all corners and under the table, and they open doors, and behind the doors of the crowd them, and they all want to come in and seize me.”

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