The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Darkness»

Meaning of Dream «Darkness»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

This is generally seen in dreams and it refers to the failed attempts when you connect to your internal self. Darkness is your belief’s mirror and it depicts the unknown. It does not refer to light’s absence but this thick thing refers to the sad or hurt soul and it means that you are not connected to the common features of the things around you, anymore. The Ancient Persians had a belief that dreaming of darkness depicts the moral pain and physical illness as well.

Dreaming of complete darkness means that you must supervise your own actions in life. It is a message to be away from all that you believe in order to have a solution for your life. Dreaming of darkness may mean a painful thing and an illness that has been present for long. Dreaming of being in darkness says that you are going to encounter hardships soon. But if you are able to turn the light on, then it depicts your capacity to overcome the hardships.

Representation of fear is done by darkness and that too of unpredictable problems. It may mean confusion over the direction of the dreamer or what one should decide. Finding the way in darkness means an experience of depression would be felt along with fear and mistrust and other feelings like secret dangers and unfamiliarity as well. Darkness prevails in the subconscious mind of a person and hence such a thing or shadows dreamt by a blind individual means immense and deep sadness.

When darkness falls in the dream while there’s a lunar or solar eclipse, it indicates that your loved one may have a disease that can’t be cured or may even meet with an accident. Being lost in the darkness in the dream depicts that you must take care as some problems are bound to arise in future. Such a dream is positive if you are able to escape this darkness quickly. Dreaming of being out of darkness and entering light indicates that you are going to be out of your dangers. It may also mean of having a successful love life.

Darkness dreams depict failures in your work life as well. It may represent irresponsible feelings, death, unknown fears and even ignorance of the dream. If there’s a rising sun in the darkness in your dreams, you are surely going to overcome your fears and failures as well. If there’s a feeling of being safe in the dream, it means that you aren’t aware of the detrimental things that are present in your real life. In simple words, ‘ignorance is bliss’ is what you are currently following.

Dreaming of someone being there in darkness means that you must be at peace even during the times of fights. Being lost in darkness in your dream means you have feelings of sadness and depression. If you seem lost in your dream, it states that you’ve sufficient information to take a decision about something important in life. If you search blindly in darkness, here and there in your dream, it means that you are looking forward to have a solution regarding something. Killing someone in darkness in your dream means that you have enough strength to face the confusion in your real life.

Dreaming of being unable to find someone in darkness depicts that you need to learn how to balance your temperament. You’ve got a tendency to be overwhelmed by your emotions and lose your common sense.

Staying in darkness in the dream means that there’s some danger in future. Witnessing a solar eclipse in darkness means that worse days of your life are about to start. However, if you manage to be out of darkness, it means that you are going to overcome the forthcoming danger. Dreaming of a cave’s darkness means sorrow and immense sadness. In your dream, if there’s a person who is unclear in darkness, it means that you have certain fears in your real life that must be brought in focus to you. If you scrutinize through the darkness, it means troubles are right ahead. Being afraid of darkness means you are having a good love life. Tunnel’s darkness in the dream depicts you have spiritual abilities that can be put in to test.

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