The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Daisy»

Meaning of Dream «Daisy»

Dream Interpretation:

Islamic interpretation

Daisies depict a close friend in the dreams, who is going to bring a gift in your life or may contribute to your business.

This flower in a dream also represents a gorgeous looking woman. Collecting daisies from the mountain’s foot in the dream indicates that a powerful man will bring in his relatives or daughters to the dream for marriage.

Daisy flower in the dream also means getting married to one’s cousin.

General meaning

Dreaming of a daisy bunch indicates sadness however if you are in a field of daisies in your dream where these beautiful flowers have bloomed to delight your eyes, with the singing birds and the shining sun, it indicates health, fame and happiness that would give a new turn to your life.

Dreaming of daisies when they are not in season means that you are going to be hunted down by someone in disguise.

This flower also represents awareness, consciousness and wakefulness.

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