The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Cruise»

Meaning of Dream «Cruise»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Dreaming about cruise ships is indicative of bright prospects in life, especially if you see clear waters surrounding the ship. The condition of waters is very important in a dream concerned with cruise ship. Is it smooth sailing with clear waters or the waters are dark and murky? In general, cruise in dreams signifies your desire to have a break from the daily life in the form of a relaxing vacation. If the cruise in dreams is fun filled and adventurous, it is like a wish come true. On the other hand a dull and boring cruise indicates that you think of cruise as a waste of time and you are interested in getting back to work.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

If you are dreaming about a cruise, it reflects your state of mind. You are going through en emotional journey in real life. It may also reflect your smooth sailing through the journey of life. The ship in your dreams is indicative of the fact that you are exploring your subconscious mind. If you find yourself surrounded by friends on a cruise ship, it means you will receive favors from your friends in real life. You are unlucky though if you see yourself falling from a cruise ship into the waters. A cruise is reflective of escape from an adverse situation in life. It could be illness or a poor financial condition. Relief in the form of rains after drought is also indicated by seeing a cruise in your dreams.

A cruise in dreams means that you are ready to take on your own negative emotions but if you see the ship sinking, it means that you are overwhelmed by these negative emotions. Going on a cruise means that you have found a way to cope with all the stress in your life.

Original Meaning

If you see cruise in your dreams, it expresses your desire to take a break from your routine life. Cruise can be all fun with warm weather and clear waters. If you see these conditions in your dreams, it is indicative of happy times ahead in the company of friends. However, dark or murky water and violent weather tells that you are overwhelmed by negative emotions and looking for a way out of the stressful situation you find yourself in. You are desirous of a relaxing escape from the monotonous life that you are living.

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