The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Crocodile»

Meaning of Dream «Crocodile»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Crocodile is a ferocious animal that lives in water. It is known for its aggressive nature and incredible strength and power. A crocodile in dreams symbolizes freedom and hidden strength. You are forewarned about an impending danger lurking around when you see this creature in your dreams. Things are becoming clearer in your life and you are about to become more aware of your surroundings.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Crocodile are fierce and aggressive reptiles known for their brute power. A crocodile in your dreams signifies hidden power and freedom. If you see the crocodile pulling you inside water and then killing you, it means that you will be caught by the authorities and then punished. Seeing a crocodile in dreams indicates that you have not found the meaning of your life yet. Alternatively, it may mean that you are being shown an aspect of your personality that you have not come to terms as yet.

It is important to note how you feel in a dream with an alligator. If you were frightened or tried to run away from the crocodile, it means that feel threatened but unaware of the danger. This dream tells you to be aware of threats in your surroundings. If you see a crocodile hiding in water waiting for its prey, it means that you have concealed something from others in real life. You may have a hidden talent or even an emotion that you are trying to hide from others. Fighting a crocodile is indicative of the fact that you are trying to overcome your own fears and worries in life.

Crocodiles are also very protective mothers and guard their little ones with great care. Seeing a crocodile in dreams means that you are very protective of your children and you want to secure their future. If you see a crocodile catching you, you are overwhelmed by your own negative emotions.

Original Meaning

Crocodile is perceived as a threat by most people. However, it is also a symbol of deceit and protection. If you see it in your dreams, you are being shown an aspect of your own personality that you are not aware of. It could be hidden power or talent or your negative emotions. If a crocodile symbolizes your fears, it is also a symbol of wisdom. A crocodile in dreams expresses a hidden enemy in your life. It is a warning for you to find out this enemy to stabilize your life.

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