The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Coyote»

Meaning of Dream «Coyote»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Coyote is an animal like a fox. It is a very aggressive yet very protective animal towards its family. It is also very deceptive in nature. If you are seeing a coyote in your dreams, it means that you are very protective towards your family members. Coyote is also believed to be the harbinger of life and the symbol of new birth. It is an animal who is associated with cleverness and deception. A coyote is a transformer and a shape shifter. To see a coyote in your dreams could mean a new beginning or the ending of a phase in your life.

Psychological/emotional aspects

Balance of nature is the feature associated with the animal called coyote. It means that if you see a coyote in your dreams, you have wisdom and the cleverness to adapt to changing situations surrounding you. Coyote is known for its mischief, cunningness and deception. Seeing it in your dreams could signify this fact about you or those near you. This animal is a trickster and a cheat. Seeing this fierce animal in your dreams could be lucky or bad for you at the same time. If you are driving away or hunting a coyote, it means that you are close to succeeding in your endeavors in life.

Psychologically speaking, seeing a coyote in dreams means that you have intelligence, skill, ingenuity, and enthusiasm. You are playful and resourceful and believe in transformation and adapting to the conditions prevailing around you. You are also fearless and rebellious at the same time being extremely protective towards your family. You are also instinctive by nature.

If you continue to see a coyote, it means that you have someone or something in life that is cruel and cold hearted. But in general, a coyote in your dreams signifies that you have wisdom and you have the ability to synchronize well with your environment.

Original Meaning

Coyote is a symbol of deception and cunningness. But it is also very playful and resourceful. It is a fearsome animal that is also very protective towards its family. Seeing it in your dreams could mean that you are playful and resourceful and also very protective. However, it could also mean that you are deceptive and cunning though you are also adaptive to your environment. You must guard yourself from over seriousness and become full of sense of humor if you are seeing a coyote in your dreams. You could expect new things in life and a new beginning altogether if this animal continues to appear in your dreams. However, seeing oneself being attacked by this animal in dreams signifies that you are a victim of your selfish needs.

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