The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Cow»

Meaning of Dream «Cow»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Seeing animals in your dreams is indicative of your primal instincts and desires that remain repressed in waking state. Cow is a very gentle creature with the ability to provide milk to human beings. Seeing it in your dreams indicates your friendly and docile nature. You are not a leader but a follower and obey the commands of others in real life. You remain content following others and do not argue with them. Cows in some cultures are considered holy and symbolic of prosperity and fertility.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

You are a meek individual who seeks comfort and protection. You have a desire to nurture others. You do not believe in getting into arguments with others and remain happy following them. If there are many cows in your dream, it means that you have a strong feeling of getting acceptance from others and you want to become a part of a large group. If the cow in your dreams has a skeleton face, it means that you are not having a good relationship with your mother and that you are reluctant to share your intimate feelings with her.

In Hindu religion, cow symbolizes a mother figure. To see a cow in your dreams signifies your desire for comfort and security. You are lacking warmth and love in your life and this cow reflects your desire for love and comfort. You have a desire to be cared by a motherly figure in real life. If you see cows being milked, it means that your hopes and desires will be fulfilled. You can expect happiness and prosperity if you see fat and healthy cows grazing in lush green fields. On the other hand, lean and sick cows in dreams indicate that you will toil hard in life without reaching your goals. This happens because you spend energy in wrong directions and do not care for details of work.

Original Meaning

Cow is a docile creature that symbolizes fertility and motherly comfort. You will be happy in life when you see a cow in your dreams. If it is a healthy cow, you can expect riches in life. If it is thin, you lead a free life. If you see a cow being milked, it means you will inherit the wealth of your parents. Seeing a cow in dreams signifies your desire to have motherly love and comfort in your life. You are a meek individual and love to follow others.

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