The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Coffee»

Meaning of Dream «Coffee»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Coffee is one of the most desirable beverages around the world with a hot coffee in the morning giving energy to start the day. It has a very yummy taste and a distinct aroma making people go crazy for this drink. If you dream about coffee, it means your friends do not approve your choice of the girl you want to marry. If you are a married man, seeing yourself drinking coffee can be a bad omen as it indicates marital discord and quarrels with your wife. If you see yourself serving coffee to others, you could have disappointments in your business ventures. If you sell this product in your dream, it means you will suffer losses in your business sin real life.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Coffee may be a very tasty and aromatic drink but it does not have very positive connotations for the dreamer. If you are a young woman drinking coffee in your dreams, it could be bad for your reputation. You must remain discreet in your actions to have a positive perception in the minds of other people. If a young girl finds herself roasting coffee beans, it means that she will escape from the clutches of an evil person and get a chance to marry an unknown but good person.

It is ground coffee that has good omen for the dreamer. He is a man who has successfully taken the challenges thrown at him and emerged victorious from the battles of life. If you are consuming parched coffee, you could be the centre of attention, especially the strangers. Green coffee in dreams is a bad omen for you as it means that you have some very powerful enemies who are hell bent to destroy your image. They will not stop until they have finished you off. If you find yourself thinking about coffee beans in your dreams, it means that you are connected to your roots and humanity in general. It is time to look back at your social connections. You will have happiness at the domestic front if your dreams are about ground coffee. If you see a coffee mill in your dreams, it means that you will face a threatening situation soon in your life and you will require all courage to mitigate the negative consequences.

Original Meaning

Coffee in dreams has different meanings but in general it does not have positive connotations for the dreamer.

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